Bob Haircuts with Two Colors

The bob hairstyle dates back many years and has been up and down the beauty trend before. It is flexible and can easily be changed and manipulated to suit the taste and preferences of anyone who wants this haircut. It is also suitable in different colors and blends well with any skin tone and eye color. A bob haircut like other short haircuts needs to be considered carefully before one can decide to take it on. You should consider:

  •         Decide your face shape;
  •         Length of your neck;
  •         Consider the hair type;
  •         Consider the cost and magnitude of the aftercare.

Strawberry and Cream Medium Bob Haircut

This summer haircut blends a dark pink and cream hair color. The pink rainbow effect is dyed on the sides at the front while the blonde is at the back. This is suitable for any face shape and blends very well with colored eye color. This bob haircut, however, is not suitable for ladies whose skin has a red undertone. However, if your skin is of this nature and you still want to select this haircut, you can reverse such that the blonde is at the front while the pink rainbow effect is moved to the back.

Steel Grey Angled Bob with Brown Lowlights

This is a medium length bob haircut that barely covers the neck. It has disconnected layers and strong shades of grey with mild lowlights of brown or black. This is suitable for all ages as the grey dye shines to bring a glow to a young lady while the brown lowlight dye brings a sense of youthfulness for an older lady whose natural hair is grey.

Choppy Wavy Bob

This bob favors ladies with naturally wavy or curly hair. This neck length choppy bob is one of the most popular short bob haircuts and when endorsed with a double tone enhances the depth and volume appearance of the hair. Its best colors are a dark brown with blonde lighter brown highlights on the waves.

Double tone curly bob

This is a charming bob haircut with an A-line cut that flows up to the neck. It is a curly haircut that will give your natural hair a magnificent finish. This style attains its maximum potential when it has two shades of color such as chocolate with caramel highlights.

The definition of a great haircut is the first impression that they give of the lady as soon as they step up from the stylish seat. These two-tone bob haircuts have the ability to give a lady a gorgeous and smart look.