Different Kinds of Bob Haircuts for Short Hair

Bob haircuts date back many years ago and though the styles are ancient, it never ceases to surprise. It has developed new modifications and styles that have beaten the test of time and short bob haircuts have remained always popular and across ages and cultures.  It is suitable or every profession and season.

Jagged Bob

This is a bob haircut that is best for round faces. It looks great is it is a double tone with a darker hue and lighter highlights to give it a glowing finish. It also gives the illusion of an elongated face and a middle part gives it an illusion of volume.

Permed Bob

This is a curly bob haircut that brings out the confidence in being independent. It is meant for women with straight hair although they will need to maintain the perm relaxer and revisit the salon frequently to keep the curls for the best results of this bob haircut. 

Flippy Layered Bob

This is cut to chin length and the extra layers make it bouncy and flattering. It gives the illusion of volume yet it has a low weight. Women love this haircut as it is a show of confidence and bravery.

Wispy Bob

This is a very popular haircut and it takes the shape of the lady perfectly. It is light and is suitable for ladies with thick hair but want a less bulky haircut. Advise your stylist to add long bangs so as to draw attention to the eyes. This is a haircut that shows joy and simplicity with a dash of integrity.

Concave Bob

It is a haircut that is designed to be longer in the front and shorter at the back. You can style it in many different ways to achieve your desired look. It is a serious look best suitable for executive occasions.


It is a straight and long pixie. It is best with soft textured with subtle lowlights for a classy shag look. Ask your stylist to add light choppy ends to make it extra exceptional. This is more common for more   women.

Ear Length Double Toned Bob

The hair is cut in a single length that reaches just below the ear. Concentrated bangs that barely touch the eyelashes will give this elegant bob haircut a sexy impressive look.

A bob haircut is a royalty hairstyle and the right bob haircut will always give an impressive appearance. If you want a specific bob haircut, you can always ask your stylist to customize it to fit your features.