How to Determine Whether the Pixie Haircut will Fit You

A pixie haircut is a short hairstyle that is shorter at the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top with very short bangs. However, a pixie cut is not for everyone. If chosen for the wrong person, it will not do justice of a perfect haircut. This is how you can determine if pixie is a good fit for you.

Face Shape

The shape of your face should help to determine if pixie is good for you. Consider your jawline, cheekbones. A pixie favors a less degree jawbone and facial features that will be enhanced and glow with a pixie. An oval face can rock any pixie style and will not require any balancing.

Ladies with elongated faces are encouraged to reduce the volume of hair at the top and consider fringes that reach the eyebrows. Ladies with heart-shaped faces will look better if the back is reduced to a minimum so as to create a balance and as the cheeks are their main highlight, well-shaped sideburns will give the pixie an awesome finish.

Women with round faces are advised toad some volume to the top while keeping the sides and back as short as possible.

Hair Texture and Type

The hair texture is very important in ensuring your pixie style is successful in making you look gorgeous. A pixie has been known to be perfect when the hair is fine and smooth. However, today people defy this and still manage an amazing pixie with just slight modifications to suit your hair texture. However, hair that is naturally curly may pose quite the challenge. The pixie can be cut slightly longer than usual to allow for the natural curls. And the bangs reduced to a minimal length.

Consider your Lifestyle

If you have busy days and need an easy to manage and quick neat haircut, the pixie is perfect for you. Keep it at a minimum and let the styling match your hair texture and utilize your natural hair color.

Consider Your Personality and Style

If you want to show off a great attitude and confidence in yourself, the pixie is perfect for you. A pixie will also show off the perfect mix of edgy and classy. Different pixie haircuts express different personalities and all you have to do is find one that defines who you are best.

A pixie is an amazing haircut and when one is sure it is right for you, it will take you wow look to a whole new amazing level. Ensuring you consider all factors will assist you to get a pixie cut that will bring out the best in you.