Pixie and Buzz Cut for Blonde Hair

Blonde hair has multiple shades from any hair color that is lighter than brown. Finding a perfect haircut for it can be quite a task. Pixie cuts and buzz cuts are the most popular haircuts that bring out the best in blonde hair. Blonde has many shades and hues including:

  •         Vanilla blonde;
  •         Peachy blonde;
  •         Chestnut blonde;
  •         Light Brown blonde;
  •         Strawberry blonde;
  •         Blush blonde;
  •         Icy blonde.

Here, we look at some of the most amazing pixie and buzz cuts for any of these hues and shades of blonde hair.

Icy Short Pixie

An icy blonde shade is white and shiny and very suitable for the icy short pixie. The icy color brightens the face and a sense of calm and coolness into your look. It illuminates the blonde hair and sideburns enhances the facial features and adds a glow into your appearance.

Messy Ash Blonde Undercut

This is a blonde pixie cut that is best for ladies who are looking for a wash and wear haircut. It has a fancy hairdo at the tousle and the undercut flow to the neck. It is suitable for any shade or hue of blonde hair and makes the hair color pop against any eye color of skin tone.

Short Spiky Pixie

Blonde hair can be very demanding when it comes to styling it just right for every occasion. This side-swept from the back pixie makes this task much simpler. It boosts the effects of the multiple layers with an undercut and makes the eyes pop.

Long Buzz Cut

This is a popular look among women with blonde hair and more so if they want a short haircut but not too short. The hair is cut as long as three inches and is quite popular among celebrities and will bring out the best from their facial features.

Side Swept Buzz Cut

This is a buzz cut that is most suitable if you have thick voluminous hair. The remaining inch of the hair is swept to the side using gel that makes it smooth and shiny. This blonde hair cut is suitable with any shade or hue of blonde. It is easy to maintain and will give you a glamorous look.

Highlight Mermaid buzz cut

This is a classic buzz cut but has colored highlights as it flows to the back. The highlights can be of bright color as per one’s taste and preference and if you want an extra glamour, you can add a few glitters. This style makes the eyes shine and the blonde color glow.

Stylists say having blonde hair is a lifestyle that should be maintained and guarded. No matter what shade or hue of blonde your hair color is, these pixie and buzz cuts will ensure your blonde hair is well maintained with ease. If you want to explore shades of blonde, these haircuts are a good starting point.